Florence Business Climate

Florence County and the Pee Dee Region manufacture pharmaceuticals, ATVs, state-of-the-art medical equipment, building systems, plastics, food products, industrial mechanized cutting systems, steel fabricating for large projects, heavy commercial and industrial construction and much, much more.

This growing infrastructure supports our immense drivers and growing industrial and commercial base. Community leaders, the Florence Economic Development Partnership and the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce strive to make this area a location of choice.

Florence County is world class, with one of the best business climates in the southeast. It has recently been named among America’s top 50 cities for business relocation and expansion by Expansion Management Magazine.  The business climate of our area has brought more than $1 billion in capital investments in the commercial, industrial, institutional arts sectors in the past eight years alone.

Many businesses have recently chosen our area as their location of choice. That includes Monster,  QVC, Automated Data Processing Inc. (ADP,) the Veterans Memorial Park, the Francis Marion Performing Arts Center, Florence Little Theatre and much more. With our warm climate and a great quality of life, Florence County and the Pee Dee Region are communities of action and we look forward to the future with great eagerness.