Rainwater Building preserves history, brings jobs downtown: SCnow.com Web Video


Rainwater Building

(image courtesy: macrostiehistoric.com)

From the Morning News:

“FLORENCE, S.C. – The Rainwater Building serves as an example of what can happen when private and public partnerships form to revitalize historic properties and bring jobs and further investment to downtown with sister companies EmployReward Solutions and Med-Enroll.”

See interviews with those involved by clicking on the link below:

SCnow.com web video- Rainwater Building

Downtown Florence Apartments to Welcome Residents in Next Two Months


Rendering of completed Emerson Apartment Building

(Image courtesy: apartments.com)

From the Morning News:

“Florence’s Emerson Apartments expected to get first residents soon.

In about two more months, downtown will bustle anew. The first phase of The Emerson apartment complex is expected to welcome residents.

The 83 units are wrapped around a four-story parking garage in the heart of downtown.”

See more about the apartments’ opening by clicking on the link below from SCnow.com:

SCnow.com web article- Emerson Apartments

Facebook Live: The New Tool Leaders are Using to Grow Their Businesses

(image courtesy: Facebook Live)

From Inc Magazine:

“The social giant is making the case that business leaders can benefit from engaging customers in a personal way, in real time.

Watch your back, LinkedIn and Twitter…here’s how using Facebook Live can change the game for your small business.

Facebook has been actively recruiting business leaders since last year to use the social network as a means to connect with their customers, employees and shareholders. The company “activated” 20 business influencers in the final six months of 2015, and through the first six months of 2016, Facebook has ramped up its efforts, signing up 80 business leaders, the social media giant told Inc.

“Facebook in many ways is the new town hall for business leaders,” said John Cantarella, the social network’s head of global influencer partnerships. “It really allows business leaders to engage in an authentic way with their key audiences, whether its employees, customers or even shareholders.”

This initiative is part of Facebook’s greater effort to promote Facebook Live, which is the company’s most notable new feature in the past year and a half. Facebook has been paying numerous news outlets and celebrities to use live streaming feature as a way to inspire everyday Facebook users to do the same.”

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Inc Magazine Article: Facebook Live and Small Businesses