Stretch Fusion Mobility Spa Opens In Florence

The locally owned and operated Stretch Fusion Mobility Spa has its grand opening Saturday at its 1518 Meadors Farm Road location.

The mobility spa helps clients achieve mobility, fitness, and wellbeing by providing facilitated stretch therapy in a spa environment. Stretch Fusion was established in East Tennessee, opening its first location in March 2021, and continues to expand with its 4th location opening in Florence, the first in South Carolina.

Shane and Robin Cox started Stretch Fusion to help others with chronic pain and limited mobility, and to perform better in sports and daily life.

Regular clients include not just those with pain and limited mobility but also those who want to improve performance and recovery such as runners, golfers, and those that play tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, and baseball with clients ranging from teenagers to those in their 90s.

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Resurrection Restoration Joins The Florence Chamber

Since 2004, Resurrection Center for the Homeless has opened its doors to homeless individuals and families with the greatest needs. Among those helped by the mission are homeless veterans, mentally ill, disabled and displaced. RRCH has taken in people that were not accepted by other programs. The director recalls a time when the founders even took a struggling family into their home for several days until placement could be found for them.

RRCH has partnered with the local health facilities, VA, schools, churches, other homeless shelters and agencies to place families and individuals with special needs.

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American Sign Language Studio Joins Chamber

Jazzmyne Pipkins says her business, American Sign Language Studio, was born from her personal struggle.

The studio, thought to be the first of its kind, has joined the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce, and a ribbon cutting was held Wednesday, December 21st.

Pipkins grew up hard of hearing and had to learn how to navigate the world with the disability. She grew up a fighter and learned early how to persevere with difficulties while performing at the same level and oftentimes at higher levels than her peers.

Pipkins said she stands today as a proud and strong black businesswoman through all of her trials. She has persevered and attained her goal. Currently, Pipkins has a cochlear implant and uses hearing aids.

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Bridal Hut Joins Florence Chamber

The Bridal Hut in Florence has been in business more than 45 years in the same locations. On Tuesday, November 22nd a ribbon cutting was held at the Bridal Hut to celebrate joining the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce.

Owner Radha Dillah cut the ribbon. She was joined by Chamber staff and ambassadors.

“I am the third owner,” Dillah said. “The previous owner retired.”

Dillah said she was originally in the alterations business and continues to own R&D, a sewing shop on Church Street.

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97 Cares Joins Chamber And Celebrates With Ribbon Cutting

A ribbon cutting was held on Thursday, November 17th for 97 Cares, 906 Pamplico Highway in Florence, celebrating its membership in the Greater Florence Chamber. The owner of 97 Cares was joined for the ribbon cutting by Chamber staff and ambassadors.

The company is a mobile, durable medical equipment company with its business headquarters in Hanahan. The company opened its doors on Jan. 1, 2018, for the single purpose of improving clients’ quality of life with dignity. The company is owned and operated by service-disabled veteran Samuel Brown, who earned a bronze star while serving in Afghanistan.

“The name 97 Cares is in honor of this US Veteran owner’s father, who passed away a week before his 98th birthday,” Brown said.

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American Recruiters Joins The Florence Chamber

Sandy Poston, independent franchise owner/operator/recruiter for American Recruiters in Johnsonville held a ribbon cutting on Wednesday in the James Allen Plaza in downtown Florence celebrating her company’s membership in the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce. She was joined by chamber staff and ambassadors as she cut the ribbon.

Poston said American Recruiters is a 40-year-old national recruiting firm that partners with companies and organizations, to “source, recruit and deliver” exceptional talent in all areas related to supply chain management logistics and more.

Poston specializes in direct hire placements.

“I have firsthand experience in manufacturing and understand the skills and knowledge required in just about every aspect of a facility,” Poston said. “I know what questions to ask, what qualifies someone for different levels of responsibility, and whether they would be a good fit for managing processes or managing people, and whether they are a leader, or an individual contributor. I peel back the layers of the candidate so I expose my clients to those I personally have vetted and am confident are a good fit for one another.”

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Fatz Cafe Cuts Ribbon to Celebrate Joining The Chamber

Fatz Café held a ribbon cutting on Thursday, October 20th to celebrate joining the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce. Chamber staff and ambassadors participated in the event. General Manager Ashley Morrison cut the ribbon.

The Fatz restaurant serves lunch and dinner and caters. It is located at 2007 W. Lucas St. in Florence and has been serving the community for about 20 years. Fatz is headquartered in Greenville. There are 21 restaurants in the group.

The restaurant specializes in Southern cuisine that includes ribs, steak, chicken and seafood.

Morrison has been the general manager for about two years. She works with a staff of about 25.

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Out Standing Deep Cleaning Service Joins The Chamber

Outstanding Deep Cleaning Service LLC held a ribbon cutting on Tuesday at the James Allen Plaza on Dargan Street celebrating its membership in the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce. Owner George Anthony Brunson cut the ribbon. He was joined by chamber staff and ambassadors.

Brunson has been in business for two years. He said said his dad had a cleaning company. Brunson is originally from Syracuse. New York. He moved south in 1996 to be near family.

“My first job was in law enforcement,” he said.

Brunson was a corrections officer for about six years. He also worked for a cleaning service in this area.

Brunson said friends kept telling him to start his own business.

He observed that a lot of cleaning companies did really do more than empty trash and vacuum. He decided to go into business for himself and provide deep-cleaning services. Brunson said his staff of five cleans around the windows and baseboards, buffs and waxes floors, cleans carpets and bathrooms and takes out the trash. He said he does commercial cleaning but hopes to branch out into the residential market soon.

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Purvis Motors Celebrates Membership at the Florence Chamber With A Ribbon Cutting

Purvis Motors LLC held a ribbon cutting on Wednesday, Sept. 14 celebrating joining the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce. Owner Garry Purvis cut the ribbon. He was joined by Chamber staff and ambassadors.

Purvis Motors LLC, 1404 N. Cashua Dr. in Florence, offers pre-owned cars for sale.

Purvis said when a potential customer comes on his lot his aim and that of his sales staff is to not only find them the car of their dreams but help the customer find the best financing possible.

Purvis started out working for Pee Dee Auto Sales before branching out on his own. He has been in the car business since 2009. He has been an owner since 2015.

A native of Bennettsville, Purvis moved to Florence in 2008. He and his wife, Chiquita, have been married almost 10 years. Between them, they have five boys and two grandsons.

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HDPT Family Medical Center Host Ribbon Cutting

HDPT Family Medical Center, 514 Second Loop Road in Florence, held a ribbon cutting to celebrate joining the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, September 22nd.

Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board Evelyn R. Coe and her son, Vincent Coe, were joined by Chamber staff and ambassadors as she cut the ribbon.

HDPT was started in 2015. The company provides primary medical care to patients, ages 10 and up. It provides additional services such as Department of Transportation physicals, sports physicals and diabetic foot care.

HDPT operates with a staff of four.

Coe said what sets HDPT apart is the understanding of the “what” and “why.”

“Some patients don’t understand the ‘what’ and ‘why,’” she said. “Here can be a disconnect between what is being said and what is being heard. For example, a patient may have previously been diagnosed with diabetes and prescribed certain medication. They could believe it is to manage diabetes alone (the what) but don’t understand the underlying reason (the why) for the medicine. The prescribed medication could be to protect the kidneys, but if the patient isn’t informed or knows about the seriousness of failing to take the medicine, they may decide to stop taking it completely. That decision then puts the kidney function at risk. Our motto is ‘take charge of your health.’ That starts with understanding the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. That’s our starting point.”

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