City of Florence issues debris pickup guidelines

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“FLORENCE, S.C. — Hurricane Matthew left significant debris and the City of Florence is beginning the process of cleaning up the storm debris from both public and private property within the city limits.

It is important that residents comply with FEMA and City of Florence guidelines regarding the types of debris that residents can leave at the curb for collection as well as how to handle debris if a homeowner hires a contractor for tree and other debris removal.

“Our City and many of our residents continue to feel the impact of Hurricane Matthew. We understand this is a difficult time for our citizens and businesses in Florence.

 Please know your City is hard at work and will continue to strive to assist in every way we can. Tomorrow we will be announcing the next phase of our clean up and restoration efforts; this will include new information and resources.” Stephen J. Wukela, Mayor


The task of cleaning up almost 150,000 cubic yards of storm debris with the city limits is huge and it will take time to complete. As an example, the amount of storm debris is estimated to be equivalent to 4 years of normal yard waste debris collection in the city.

The City of Florence asks that you be patient as we tackle this enormous task using our crews as well as outside contractors. Your cooperation will make this debris removal operation proceed smoothly and ensure that the community recovers as quickly as possible.

You can further assist with the cleanup by refraining from parking on the street during this debris removal process so as not to impede collection.


Hurricane related debris is eligible for pickup and disposal by the city if residents place the following types of debris on the public right-of-way in front of their property for pick-up.

When placing debris at the roadside, residents should be careful not to cover or impede access to utility meters or mailboxes. In addition, sidewalks should not be blocked and debris should not be placed in the paved portion of the street right-of-way.

Residents opting for curbside pick-up must separate debris into six (6) categories:

  • Vegetative debris (tree limbs, shrubs, etc.)
  • Construction/Demolition debris
  • White goods (appliances, etc.)
  • E-goods (TV’s, electronics)
  • Household hazardous (cleaning solutions, automotive chemicals, etc.)
  • Normal household garbage


Some homeowner’s insurance policies may cover debris removal. Residents are reminded that if they choose to hire their own contractor, only debris directly related to Hurricane Matthew may be placed on the street right-of-way for collection and disposal purposes.

To expedite clean-up where insurance policies cover debris removal, it is recommended that the contractor remove and dispose of this debris.


The City of Florence will be collecting hurricane related debris under the guidelines provided by FEMA. The FEMA regulations restrict the period of time and the number of times that debris pickup can take place in a given area of the city.

Therefore, the city urges all homeowners to move all debris to the designated area in the front of your property, as indicated on the illustration, as quickly as possible to ensure that it is picked up by the city.

We will notify the public at a later date as to when debris removal will end, but we request that you get any storm-generated vegetative debris moved to the edge of right or way as soon as possible.


FEMA does not provide funding to local governments for the collection of storm debris from commercial property.

Commercial businesses, apartment complexes, and other commercial enterprises will be required to contract the removal of their reconstruction debris or demolition debris.

The commercial property owner, insurance company or contractor is responsible for removing and transporting all demolition and/or reconstruction debris to an approved designated landfill, it cannot be pushed to the curb for pickup by the city.

If you have questions, please call the City of Florence Public Works & Utilities Department at 843-665-3236 or email Amanda Pope at

Additional information and continued updates can also be found on the city website at” Web Article – City of Florence issues debris pickup guidelines