Avon consultant has ribbon cutting in Florence

By: Andrew Boardwine

FLORENCE, S.C. — Myreah Eley, of Pass Her Avon, joined ambassadors from the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce on Thursday to celebrate her new chamber membership.

Eley, a beauty consultant, said joining the chamber was important for her getting out in the community.

“I heard about the chamber from a fellow representative in another state and how that one helped them,” Eley said. I want to be involved in the community and I want people to know my name. I really wanted to connect with the city and I think the chamber is a great way to do it.”

Eley said she offers a variety of Avon products including fashion, jewelry, makeup, fragrances, perfume, cologne for men and women, children’s toys, house supplies and more.

“I started off as a regular Avon representative, but now I also am a consultant,” Eley said. “I help people find what they’re looking for and what’s best for them. I also do fundraising and help organizations that way, as well.”

For more information, call her at 727-437-2866 or email at support@passheravon.club. Eley said she also has a Facebook page and has a website at passheravon.club.