Buc-EE’s Store Coming to Florence County

by Matthew Christian

Project Clean is expected to be identified as Buc-EE’s at Thursday’s Florence County Council meeting.

Buc-EE’s is a Texas-based gas station and convenience store chain. It is known for its large-format stores and clean restrooms.

The Florence location would be the company’s second location outside Texas. The first location is near Mobile, Ala.

Three ordinances, two involving Project Clean and one involving Project Squid, are up for third reading at the meeting.

When ordinances involving projects with placeholder name come before the council on third reading, a council member usually makes a motion to change the name from the placeholder to the company involved.

One of the ordinances involving Project Clean expands the joint metaphorical industrial park between Florence and Darlington counties. The other authorizes the development and delivery of a fee-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement with the company.

A fee-in-lieu-of-tax agreement between the county, Buc-EE’s of South Carolina LLC, and the Drs. Bruce & Lee Foundation is included in the information provided to the council ahead of Thursday’s meeting.

The foundation owns the land upon which the Buc-EEs location will be constructed.

The land is at the northeast corner of the intersection of Interstate 95 and S.C. 327. For people traveling along S.C. 327 away toward and over Interstate 95, the Buc-EEs will be located on the right.

The ordinance involving Project Squid expands a joint metaphorical industrial park between Florence and Marion counties.

Project Squid is likely MobileFleet’s development of an industrial facility in Marion County.

Information provided to the Florence County Council at the July meeting indicated the Project Squid property is at 2914 Spartan Place in Marion.

The South Carolina Department of Commerce previously announced that property as a new location of MobileFleet Inc., a company that builds custom storage solutions for public service providers, including fire and police departments and government municipalities.

The announced investment in South Carolina by MobileFleet is $6.3 million and will result in the creation of 64 new jobs. The location of MobileFleet will include the company’s manufacturing division and distribution operations.

The three ordinances were approved on first reading in June and on second reading in July.

The council is also expected to hold first reading of another ordinance and the reading of a resolution involving “Project CanCan” at the meeting.

The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. in the County Council Chambers of the County Complex at 180 N. Irby St.

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