2020 Pee Dee Grassroots Meeting

The Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce and the Hartsville Chamber joined to present the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Annual Grassroots Tour on Wednesday. This year’s meeting was held virtually through Zoom, because of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.
Each fall, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce partners with regional and local chambers across the state on the chamber’s annual Grassroots Tour. The tour allows the state chamber to hear from businesses from around the state on issues they are facing. The feedback received from the meetings from around the state will help shape the state chamber’s 2021 Competitiveness Agenda and set the chamber’s priorities for the 2021 legislative agenda.
Usually, the Florence and Hartsville chambers host their meeting at a large luncheon venue with about 150 area business leaders attending, said Mike Miller, president of the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce.

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