Florence’s Hope Village Celebrates Opening with a Chamber Ribbon Cutting

With a few words, a reading from the Gospel of Matthew, a prayer, an admonition about the sharpness the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce’s ribbon cutting shears and then a quick slice of those shears, Hope Village was officially opened for business Thursday, September 30th. Of course, though, it wasn’t that easy. There were several years of work to get the village of 240-square-foot homes to the ribbon-cutting stage with the whole project paid for at completion. “This project began as a vision of one, Bryan Braddock, our Executive Director, spread to a vision of the House of Hope leadership team, then as a vision to the House of Hope board then ultimately as a vision toward our community,” said Dick Powell, Secretary for the House of Hope Board of Directors. “Hope Village is an example of this community’s generosity, their prayers and their hands to accomplish something unique in this region,” Powell said. “To those who gave generously, prayed fervently and worked diligently we want to, as a board, say thank you to you.”

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