Winning America Joins Florence Chamber

Winning America held a ribbon cutting on Tuesday, November 16th in the James Allen Plaza on Dargan Street, hosted by the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce, to celebrate its membership in the Chamber. Chamber staff and ambassadors joined Bob Skelton in the celebration. Skelton cut the ribbon with his wife, Sue, by his side. The mission statement of the Winning America project is “to create a pathway for change as to how we see, treat and value others.” Skelton said this is accomplished by encouragement, building up and uniting. Skelton is based out of his home in Florence. For this project, Skelton sets up video screens with positive messages of encouragement and encouraging others to be encouragers. He said the screens are placed in gyms and other places where people will see them. Skelton said he would like to see them placed in city buildings and has spoken with the mayor.  There were 10,000 more people dying on purpose than by accident in 2020,” Skelton said.  Skelton said he decided to be an encourager, because at one time he was on the brink of suicide. He said he had checked into a hotel in Columbia for the purpose of committing suicide. Skelton said it was his wife’s encouragement that kept him from doing it. That is when he learned the power of encouragement, he said.

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