Practical Purpose Solutions Joins Chamber

Kendrea Robinson is a nurse practitioner and the business owner. She started the business Practical Purpose Solutions to help individuals RESET through coaching and consulting services. These services were initially designed to help individuals stay focused on their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness journey. Through these services individuals have been able to lose weight and feel better about themselves, mentally and emotionally.

Practical Purpose Solutions offers many services, some of them include:
Vitamin Infusions to help individuals RESET TO REFOCUS. Helping with enhancement of energy and immunity. Our vitamin infusions consist of different vitamins and minerals such as B12, vitamin C, vitamin Bs and more. These infusions are designed to help individuals with fatigue, colds, chronic sinuses, joint discomfort and more. These services are same day services even if individuals are not part of any program and or package that is offered.

Physicals (DOT, Sports, Presurgical and Preemployment) and telehealth services. They will provide contract services with companies, especially small business owners. They offer weekday and weekend services for those who may need a physical done.

The business located at 2011 Second Loop Road Suite A Florence, SC 29501.
Business Hours are Monday-Friday 9 AM –7 PM
Phone Number: 843-799-2210