Kyle Gunter Announced As The 2023 Business Person Of The Year

Kyle Gunter walked to the stage as the 2023 Florence Business Person of the Year to a standing ovation.

It was a shock to Gunter, president of FBi Construction, Inc.

“We try to keep things under wraps, so one of the most fun parts of this is scheming with family members and friends to surprise our Business Person of the Year,” said Amber Tomlinson, a commercial relationship manager with Wells Fargo, who announced the award winner at a luncheon hosted by the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce at the Florence Center.

Tomlinson began by reeling off the winner’s biography. When she mentioned that the winner grew up in Mechanicsville – a small community outside of Florence – Gunter started to get the hint.

“There are only so many people in Mechanicsville,” he said with a laugh.

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