Florence County Museum ‘Recollects’ On 10 years

The Florence County Museum is reminiscing and celebrating 10 years in its new home with its latest exhibition Recollect. The exhibit describes the history of the museum and invites the viewer to take a closer look at what attributes make collection items meaningful.

The exhibit explores the past, present and future of the museum’s work, including some its first pieces acquired by Jane B. Evans of Florence. She used surplus war relief funds to purchase southwestern pottery from the Museum of New Mexico in Santa Fe — 1,600 miles away.

Upon entering the exhibit visitors are prompted to scan a code for an interactive experience on their headphones. There are prompts along the way asking questions to deepen one’s thoughts on the displays. One such being how do you think the pottery traveled from Santa Fe to Florence? Search the gallery for clues. Spoiler alert! Pick up one of the folded programs located on the right wall of the exhibit. This offers more information about the art and serves to spark curiosity with a challenge before you depart.

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