Florence City Council approves incentive package for Red Bone sauce plant


Article Credit: Joshua Lloyd, The Morning News

“FLORENCE, S.C. – Red Bone Alley Foods is about to invest $3.5 million in a downtown sauce bottling facility, and the city of Florence has agreed to kick in some public dollars to help.

The city council voted unanimously on Monday to approve a $200,000 incentive package for project developers, a common move for the city throughout the history of downtown’s redevelopment.

“We do a cost benefit analysis and the amount of potential profit far exceeds that of the cost,” said Florence Mayor Stephen J. Wukela. “It’s a private investment that will generate revenue into the city and into the downtown district. It’s fantastic.”

The project, which was initially announced in 2015, will create about 30 new service jobs. It’s located at 198 NB Baroody St., in the old Atlantic Storage building.

It was described by Florence Mayor Stephen J. Wukela as the “anchor” of the Food, Artisan and Warehouse District — which was officially established in Monday’s meeting.

“This will anchor that corridor, and the nature of what it is fits perfectly within the new district,” Wukela said.

RBA Foods is currently utilizing the facility for bottling and packaging purposes, but on a small-scale level. The forthcoming project will bring with it redevelopment of the facility and local production.

Previously, RBA Foods used companies in California and Texas to make their private-label products for grocery store chains like Safeway, Kroger and Harris Teeter. Currently, Red Bone Alley Foods sells products in all 50 states, in more than 5,000 retail locations.”

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