City, County Leaders Discuss Potential Parking Deck

(image courtesy: Joshua Lloyd/

City and County leaders met Wednesday to talk about a proposed parking deck, where it should go and how it will impact areas currently plagued by construction-related parking woes.

From the Morning News:

“FLORENCE, S.C. – Florence County and City of Florence officials converged Wednesday morning in an “off-the-books” meeting for an overdue discussion about parking in the downtown area of Florence, as construction booms have tied up hundreds of spaces.

Wednesday’s meeting was focused on a parking study of the area that took months to complete and factored in the 320-space city parking deck, as well as parking that will be freed up when construction ends.

The study, commissioned by the city and completed by CDM Smith Inc., indicates parking is currently adequate in the area but will not be sustainable in the next two to five years.”

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