Florence company planning April treasure hunt

By: Andrew Boardwine, Morning News

FLORENCE, S.C. — R. Skelton Enterprise joined Ambassadors from the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce on Thursday to hold a ribbon cutting.

R. Skelton Enterprise is owned by Bob Skelton and oversees several business endeavors.

The next endeavor for the company, Skelton said, will be the Discover Florence Treasure Hunt.

“We wanted it to be something that had more value than just an event,” Skelton said. “We wanted to integrate something that would bring families together and create an experience here in the Florence area. It’s an event where people can turn their TVs off, go have dinner and go on a treasure hunt.”

Skelton said the event, which is scheduled to begin in April, will take treasure hunters on a journey around town to find clues.

Each month, 15 to 20 clues will be posted on the Discover Florence Treasure Hunt website. Skelton said residents must go to the business or historical landmark where a clue can be found, complete a task, and take a picture to document their experience.

Those who complete the monthly tasks will be entered to win $1,000. The 12 monthly winners will then compete for a grand prize of $10,000 next year.

Skelton said joining the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce was very important to get the local businesses involved.

“This is a perfect fit for the Chamber of Commerce,” Skelton said. “We feel like we can bring excitement to the business community and create a great experience to make a difference to our city and give back in an appreciative way.”

Skelton said the event is about bringing the Florence community together.

“It seems that everything is pulling our country apart,” Skelton said. “What we want to do is to bring our city together and unify the citizens. Something like this is just fun and it’s a great opportunity for us to grow closer together.”

Registration is limited to 500 applicants and Skelton said 300 have already registered. For more information, visit discoverflorencetreasurehunt.com.

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