El Agave celebrates with ribbon cutting in Florence

By: Andrew Boardwine

FLORENCE, S.C. — El Agave joined ambassadors from the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce on Thursday to celebrate the restaurant’s new chamber membership with a ribbon cutting.

The owners of Mi Tierra San Jose Restaurant opened El Agave – at 147 W. Evans St. – in September and have since seen increased traffic.

Brenda Perez, who co-owns the restaurant with her family, said joining the chamber allowed the business to be a more involved member of the Florence community.

“It really helps us to be a better member in the community of Florence,” Brenda said. “It also helps us to grow a little bit more, as well.”

Perez’s brother, Jose Jr., said the location was a great spot to put the new restaurant.

“With Florence’s downtown growing, we’ve greatly benefited from being here,” he said. “We’re expecting a lot of traffic and for it to continue to grow.

Brenda said the restaurant’s traffic started to pick up as of late.

“Especially since we got our liquor license, it’s been a lot busier,” Brenda said. “It’s a great spot right here across from Victor’s, and with the new hotel coming up, we’re really pleased with the location.”

The menu at El Agave looks similar to that of Mi Tierra. The restaurant serves tacos, quesadillas, fajitas, burritos, chicken, steak, seafood and other authentic Mexican dishes. Brenda said that El Agave serves some special dishes, like fish tacos, that Mi Tierra doesn’t have on its menu.

Both agreed that Molcajete was one of the favorite dishes among customers but said the restaurant has something for everyone.

“We have a big menu,” Brenda said. “You really can’t go wrong with whatever you try.”

“Lots of choices,” Jose Jr. said. “We’ve got a great variety.”