Fellows In Education Hold First Meeting of 2019-2020 Class

The 2019 Fellows In Education class held their first meeting Tuesday, September 10 at the Hyatt in Downtown Florence.

The Fellows program is designed to give local leaders a unique, behind-the-scenes look into several schools within Florence One schools district.

Over the course of about eight months, leaders will see firsthand some of the daily struggles and constraints educators face in the classroom. Leaders will hear about seismic shifts in student needs and the additional state and federal requirements now placed on schools, teachers and administrators in Florence One Schools.

Each month’s program will center on a different educational experience that is unique to the classroom. The Fellows in Education program will offer opportunities for community leaders to contribute to the development of better education policies in the communities in which they live and work.

The eight-month partnership program is made possible by The Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce, The School Foundation and Florence One Schools. This years participants are listed below.

Kirby Anderson
Ron Black
Hugh Blanton
Modestine Brody
Ashley Christenbury
Adam Crosson
Scotty Davis
John DeBerry
Les Echols
Clamentine Elmore
Brian Fast
Mary Finklea
Joyce Ford
Lucinda Fountain
Derek Hemmingsen
Robby Hill
Paige Hollis
Twana McRae
Deborah Moses
Cameron Packett
Heather Page
Charisse Reichenbach
Joshua Smalls
Rev. Thomas Smith
Les Ward
Timothy Wimbush
Jennifer Yacoubian