HopeHealth Earns National Recognition for Blood Pressure Control

HopeHealth has been recognized by the American Heart Association and American Medical Association for its commitment to improving blood pressure control rates, earning Silver level recognition as part of the 2021 “Target: BP” Recognition Program.  The Silver Award recognizes practices that have demonstrated a commitment to improving blood pressure control through measurement accuracy.  “Being recognized by the AHA and AMA for our efforts in the treatment and management of high blood pressure is a tremendous achievement” said Tammy Garris, clinical data controller at HopeHealth.  “The providers and staff of HopeHealth have taken on the challenge of treating hypertension in our patients through evidence-based care that includes medications, nutrition counseling and physical activity counseling. Recognition at this level, during a global pandemic and at a time when so many medical staff are overwhelmed, brings with it a renewed sense of accomplishment and purpose, something we all need after the last year.”

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