WFG/WSB Holds Ribbon Cutting

Daphne Lee Sabangan owner of Florence Financial Center along with her colleagues and members of the Greater Florence Chamber attend the ribbon cutting for her business on Thursday, March 15th.

Florence, SC Financial Center is a financial services business with focus on financial literacy campaign, giving access to various financial products and solutions according to one’s own needs and goals. It provides business opportunities to anyone interested. As a financial education center, we provide workshops and presentation to individuals, families and groups in homes, churches, schools and organizations or one-on-one basis.

Topics include how to increase cash flow/income, debt management, saving for emergency funds, having proper protection, building and preserving wealth among others. We also offer broad array of personal financial strategies to include individual financial services, tax-advantage term and permanent insurance protection, retirement products, estate preservation, long term care and disability insurance. We believe these products are often a crucial part of a legacy strategy for our families. In addition, we offer dynamic business platform to help people build their own financial services business. Providing need-based financial solutions is just one part, we also invite individuals to contact us if interested to become our partners in the business. We have a flagship campaign of educating as many individuals as possible to achieve our goal of national financial literacy. As a business entity, we have goals of expanding and opening more financial centers within the state of South Carolina and beyond.

They located at 514 W. Palmetto St. business hours are from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

For more information contact Daphne Lee Sanbangan at (214) 585-2579 (Mobile) or (843) 472-5001 (Office). She can also be reached at her website and Facebook page.